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  • Here it is! The funnest, lightest, softest and easiest cloud to wear and make!


    This Casual Clouds Cardigan is made using the Tunisian Full Stitch and yes, even you can do it! Just follow my step by step instructions and you will have a wonderfully fluffy cardigan in next to no time!


    I’ve made this pattern accessible to all sizes. Just measure your hip circumference and follow my instructions from there on out. Would you like an even more oversized fit? Just follow my instructions! Would you like poofier sleeves? Just follow the instructions!


    Alter the stripes and colourwork to your own preference, just as length and width. Enjoy the wonderfully repetitive sequence of this Tunisian Full Stitch and of course: enjoy your gorgeous cardigan!



    Note: this is a direct download. You will receive both the English and Dutch pattern.

    Casual Clouds Cardigan EN

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    € 3,50Price

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